SEAWINGS Consortium gathers in Oeiras, Portugal, for the end-user requirements workshop

Last September, the SEAWINGS Consortium gathered with a select group of experts and end-users from the Portuguese Navy at the historic Palácio Marquês de Pombal in Oeiras, Portugal. The meeting, expertly organised by Z&P with the help of the project coordinator LPRC began with an insightful introduction to the SEAWINGS project. The session provided a comprehensive overview of the technical aspects of the vehicle, highlighting its capabilities and limitations in real-world scenarios.

The agenda progressed to an in-depth discussion of two previously identified application scenarios: patrol and surveillance, and search and rescue. This session was designed to explore the practical applications of the SEAWINGS vehicle, highlighting its potential to make a significant contribution to the European maritime security. In addition, the consortium discussed several other scenarios in which the SEAWINGS vehicle could be used, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of the project.

A key component of the workshop was the focused discussion of the technical requirements for each of the scenarios outlined. This segment facilitated a collaborative environment in which experts and end-users could exchange ideas, insights and feedback essential for refining the direction and focus of the project.